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Welcome to the official web site of the OAME 2014 conference.  Our conference theme is “Champions 4 Change”.  It has been 23 years since CHAMP last hosted the annual conference.  There have indeed been changes galore in mathematics education over that time.

In 1991 the internet was a gleam in Tim Berners-Lee eye, computers featured 4MB of memory and 200 MB of storage!  Currently most mobile phones far exceed the capabilities of computers from that time.  The most common technology found in a mathematics classroom was a scientific calculator or possibly an overhead projector!

Ontario mathematics education has also undergone seismic change over the years.  In 1991, elementary students learned the Common Curriculum that featured outcomes for the end of each division.  Secondary students studied five years of mathematics based on streams called advanced, general and basic.  The intervening years have seen EQAO, NCTM standards, two curriculum revisions, new assessment and evaluation guidelines, and many new exciting teaching tools enter the Ontario landscape.

OAME 2014 will be the first annual conference to feature an eConference that will allow educators from remote parts of the province to hear current speakers on mathematics education.

We trust that this conference will enable you to continue to transform mathematics education in the province and inspire you to become a Champion 4 Change in your classroom.

Paul Alves and Dwight Stead,

Conference Co-Chairs